Need an illustration for a book, website, or just to have some art to spice up the office or home? We have you covered. The process that we usually take is, we get a description of what you want and we work up a few quick sketches to match that idea. As you decide more and more what you want, I continue to refine things until we get a consistent design. After that, the inking and coloring process goes into effect and before you know it, you have a great illustration that you can use for practically whatever you please. *Note that each of the pieces below are ordered by date so the oldest are at the bottom and the newest are at the top*.



  • CandyMC

    A logo featuring a CandyLand-inspired landscape with the words "CandyMC".

  • PexMC

    A logo featuring a character cutting through a jungle with wooden text.

  • Zerania

    A logo featuring ancient stone text with a tree growing out of it.

  • VeroxusPVP

    A logo featuring a looming dragon protecting a line of text.

  • CastleCraft

    A logo featuring a castle with several rooms and cannons, with an intricate gem-like text.

  • DifferentCraft

    A logo featuring an island with a community of characters living peacefully.

  • RaptorMC

    A logo featuring the text "Raptor" that is being attacked by a Velociraptor.

  • Freakyville

    A logo featuring an island with a shack and a waterfall leading to a pool of water.

  • BloodSymphony

    A logo featuring some black, metallic text with dripping blood.

  • MineVast

    A logo featuring stone backing to the words "MineVast" with an iron golem lingering atop.

  • King Conquest

    A logo featuring one king hovering over the burning city of another king.

  • The Ingot

    A logo featuring a large block containing many ores on which multiple villager dwarves are mining.

  • Oblivion Networks

    A logo featuring monster versions of an Enderman and a Creeper above the text, "Oblivion Networks".

  • ZironeNetwork

    A logo featuring a menacing robot aiming to fire above the words, "Zirone Network".

  • BlazedPvP

    A logo featuring the text "BlazedPvP" set on a nether type rock mount with two blazes on the sides.

  • PrimeMC

    A logo featuring a complex technology based text.

  • VenomPvP

    A logo featuring a dangerous snake squeezing the word "Venom".

  • Conspiracy

    A logo with a spider attaching webs on to TNT and A wooden sign and smaller spiders do the same.

  • LemonCloud

    A logo with a man throwing a lemon off a cloud while the letters LemonCloud sit on it.

  • Warlord

    A logo containing a warrior with fire battle-axes and metal armor.

  • MineGames

    A Logo of a multi-layer battlezone with each level featuring a unique scene.

  • VikingCraft

    A Logo featuring a nordic viking ship and a banner below.

  • MineSwine

    A Logo featuring a pig and squishy letters.

  • LeapMania

    A Logo featuring a difficult parkour map on the side of a mountain.

  • OreCraft

    A logo featuring the title OreCraft on a rock backing with a character noticing a lava leak.

  • Islands of Morteus

    A logo featuring ruined letters IOM standing for Islands of Morteus.

  • Miner's Galaxy Logo

    A logo featuring the name Miner's Galaxy with a flaming meteor wrapping around it.

  • MineByte Logo

    A logo featuring three characters hanging off the side of a single stone block.



  • Kiranyx

  • Andre

  • Ferxie

  • EzyPlays

  • Louis

  • BlackGorilla

  • Pedro

  • Rhaxys

  • Zetobyte Robot

  • Zetobyte

  • Dan

  • Samsarafani

  • Gerald

  • MrWakeCZ

  • Linteum



  • Jungle Exploration

    An illustration featuring three explorers making their way through a dangerous and mysterious jungle.

  • PrimeMC Website BG

    An illustration featuring various themed buildings with characters interacting with each other.

  • Zerania Forest Illustration

    An illustration showing a medieval fantasy forest town.

  • Battle of Creatures

    An illustration featuring a battle between a demon, a wizard, an elf, and a dragon-man.

  • Landscape Sunrise

    An illustration featuring a sunset falling on an epic landscape.

  • Volcano Explosion Battle

    An illustration featuring a battle between men and snakes at the bottom of a volcano.

  • Dragon Battle

    An illustration featuring a battle between two dragons in the sky.

  • Felix Error Page

    An illustration used for an error page featuring a character who has "messed up the server".

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