Artist's Faith

I am a Christian, that is, a follower of Jesus Christ. Most people will say that religion and business aren't compatible. While I agree on some points of that, I cannot separate from something that is so integral to my life. While I do not try to force my beliefs on people, trying to act like I do not believe in a loving God is pretty much impossible. I believe that this makes me a stronger designer because I do what I do to glorify God, and not myself. He has blessed me with the talent to create and communicate and because of this I am able to do what I do.

Artist's Background

I have always been interested in art. From a very early age I showed promise in creativity and self-expression through that medium. During my years of highschool, I began to dabble in the Adobe Creative Suite. Through that time, I learned video editing, illustrating, and how to create different design effects (I find it hard to call that work 'graphic design' looking back). However, through that I fell in love with being able to communicate complex messages in a consise and simple form. Despite that, I began college not really knowing what field I wanted to go into. I had created a YouTube channel for gaming and it had gathered a modest following that gave me a creative outlet while also providing a considerable amount of spending month per month. At the end of my freshman year of college, I felt God pushing me into the recently started graphic design program.

It was at this time that I began to dive deeper into this hobby of mine and developed it into a passion. I spent hours and hours learning before I even stepped into a design class. This gave me quite an edge above other students who had to spend the first month of classes learning the programs. I was fortunate enough to have a professor who saw potential in me and began to mentor me. After my first year of design classes, I had the opportunity to do some freelance work with my former professor. As I learned to hone my communication skills, I began to do more and more freelance projects between classes. At this time, I decided it would be good to start operating under the name "Affluent Designs" which would give me a brand to build a reputation behind.

Moving into my senior year of college, I had already done several hundred projects (some bigger than others) and I had really developed a mastery of the design programs. However, I always strived to become better. I began looking at design schools to further my education and settled on applying to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The last semester of my senior year, I was accepted into their Masters of Graphic Design program. After graduating, I had the opportunity to travel in Europe for two weeks. I was fortunate enough to be able to see quite a bit in that short period of time (a week in Germany, two days in Paris, three days in London, and three days in Scotland). When I returned, I began to pray more heavily about where God would have me live while I attended SCAD. It was during one of those times where I heard God ask me, "What if you don't go to SCAD". I realized that I had been so preocupied making my own plans that I didn't stop to consider what He might want for me. I answered simply, "I guess I will continue doing this freelance work that you have blessed me with thusfar". That is exactly what I did.

So here I am, that was over two years ago and let me be the first to say that God is faithful. There are a lot of things I cannot explain that have happened in the last two years. Many times where I wanted to give up. Many times where I wanted to give into something that would be easier. But He has always provided and I can say without a doubt that I coudln't have done this without Him and He deserves all of the glory.

Artist's Interests

Some things that I did not mention in the "background" section are my interests. I love playing basketball and soccer. I played them throughout highschool and I believe that playing those sports really developed an attitude of discipline and dedication. These days I enjoy playing basketball as a way to stay in shape. I have been playing the guitar since I was 16 and have had the privelege of helping lead people in worship. A huge portion of my interests belong to graphic design. I really love doing what I do and the thought of being able to get paid for something you love doing is just amazing.

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